What are the benefits of tree trimming?

Tree trimming and pruning serve two essential purposes, maintaining the health of the tree and creating an aesthetically pleasing look. Advanced Arborist performs hazard reduction and maintenance services to keep your trees beautiful and healthy.

Even the most beautiful trees can become overgrown and unbearable to manage. Through tree trimming, and regular maintenance, you can reduce the size of the tree, thus bringing it’s true beauty back to life.

Thinning out limbs and pruning branches also improves the appearance of the tree and gives your home’s curb appeal a boost. On the other hand, untrimmed trees often grow unbalanced and misshapen. So, trimming your trees improves the aesthetics of your landscape and prevents the tree’s canopy from overshadowing the entire yard.


Protect your home, property & family

Regular pruning removes dead branches and other areas of concern. By doing this, your home, property, and family are protected from falling branches.

Also, when heavy storms move into the area, you won’t have nearly as many concerns about downed trees during a hurricane.

When should I schedule Tree Trimming?

When trees are dormant, that’s the best time to call us for tree trimming in the Tampa Bay Area, however, there are advantages to trimming in different seasons. For example, we can provide light pruning services whenever you want to remove deadwood and improve the health and appearance of your trees. Additionally, we recommend including seasonal pruning in your lawn maintenance schedule.

As you can see, there are a lot of variables to weigh. But when it comes to our tree services, you’ll never be in the dark. Our consulting arborists will walk through each proposal thoroughly with you to help you understand the variables affecting your price so you can make an educated decision that works for you.


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