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Why hire a certified arborist?
Tree care experts who earn the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certification are worth your business as they understand the nuances of tree care. In order to achieve such a title, tree experts must have a minimum of three years of full-time experience caring for trees. Furthermore, these professionals must have an education in horticulture, landscape architecture and forestry. Once the ISA exam is passed, the prospective arborist must continue his or her education or take the exam again every three years to keep their certification valid.
What are signs of a sick or dying tree
If you suspect that one of your trees is sick or damaged, check to see if it displays any of the following indicators of a tree in trouble:

  •  Mushroom-type fungi growing at the base of the tree
  •  Sawdust along the trunk base or root zone
  •  Cracks in the trunk or major limbs
  •  Hollow or decayed areas
  •  Wilted or discolored leaves
  •  Insect damage
  •  Dead branches
  •  Man-made wounds
What does Pruning mean?
  • Removal of dead, diseased, or hazardous branches
  • Clearance for vehicles, pedestrians, buildings, and overhead lines
  • Thinning for increased light and air penetration
  • Structural pruning for reduced likelihoods of failure
  • Restorative pruning
  • Fruit tree pruning
What does Tree Removal Cost?
Learn more about the costs of tree removal, stump removal and tree maintenance in Tampa Florida before you call in a tree service professional. If an unsightly or dangerous tree is located on your property, having it removed by professionals can make your home safer and more attractive. On average, residents of Florida can expect to pay between $500 and $900 to have a tree removed from their property. If the tree is larger than average, expect the price to go up, but you may be able to pay less per tree by removing more than one at a time. A tree expert company must factor in numerous challenges which will be reflected in the tree removal costs that you’ll see on a proposal.
When Is It Time to Remove aTree?
It’s Time to Call an Arborist if:

There are signs of infection
You see large, dead branches in the tree’s crown
Your tree isn’t growing well
There is evidence of root defects
The tree is hollow
The tree is suddenly leaning
You observe sprouts at the base of the tree
The tree is under power lines
The tree is too close to a house or other structure
Do you provide hazardous tree removal?
We specialize in removing hazardous trees, but can also take care of the ‘easy’ tree removal jobs for you, too. We adapt our method to your needs. If the tree is next to your house, building or other sensitive area, we will climb the tree to safely cut and lower the tree, piece by piece, avoiding anything that could be damaged. If it is safe to do so, we can save you money by dropping trees without climbing.