Should I Remove My Tree?

Trees are our friends but sometimes they’ve got to go. This can be because the tree is dead or it no longer meets the aesthetic goals of the homeowner. When it comes time to remove a tree we have the experience and equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Our certified arborist will visit your property to make an assessment of the tree’s health as well as your goals.

With our stump grinding service it’s as if the tree was never there.


How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Removing a tree is a lot like getting a tooth pulled. It’s likely in your best interest but it’s an investment that nobody really wants to make! Depending on why you’re interested in tree removal, the rationale may be easy. You may have a dead or dying tree that poses a danger to your home and family if it were to fall during a storm. Or you may have an opportunity to expand your yard and invest in stunning landscaping. Perhaps you’re putting in a new pool (lucky you).

There are many variables which can influence the cost of a tree removal in the Tampa Bay Area. We offer a free consultation with a certified arborist to give you the best price on the service depending on your unique needs. The arborist will evaluate these things and more:

  • Can the tree be saved?
  • Is the tree healthy or diseased?
  • How tall and how large in diameter is the tree?
  • What type of equipment is appropriate for the task and what will fit on the property?
  • Will a crane be required?
  • How easy is the work area to access?
  • Level of urgency: Is immediate tree removal required? Has the tree fallen on a roof or car? Is it blocking a street or driveway? Or is there eminent danger from a coming storm?

As you can see, there are a lot of variables to weigh. But when it comes to our tree services, you’ll never be in the dark. Our consulting arborists will walk through each proposal thoroughly with you to help you understand the variables affecting your price so you can make an educated decision that works for you.


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